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Projects and other jaunts that I have been working on (or have worked on).

(2022 - 2023) textWeb - Demo textWeb is a small project that aims to help breakdown websites back into basic HTML.

Why does this exist? textWeb was originally created for a family member who is currently living in a more rural location, with only one cell tower within their living vicinity, and no other form of internet.

This individual has a smartphone, but found it incredibly difficult to get pages to load when other visitors were in the area due to network congestion (assumably at the cell). To help remedy that, we perform some stripping using Go-Readability which is in turn a Golang port of Mozilla’s Readability.js.

Performing the HTML stripping this way ensures that the “bloated” page is quickly accessed by a remote server, and then parsed down to basic HTML, before sending it along to the constricted mobile device.

This tool also has the added benefit of stripping pages down in a readable format for older devices, i.e. my Macintosh Plus. Though, some additional work to remove more js and other element compatibility is still required to actually achieve full functionality.

(2021 - 2023) Dyson Graph Dyson Graph is a project that aims to pull data via mqtt from local Dyson Pure Cool Link devices and push that data to InfluxDB for graphic purposes. Potentially add support for Prometheus scraping, or pushing to the Prom Push Gatway.